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Equipment and Studio Manager

Are you an Equipment and Studio Manager with at least 3 years production rental house or studio management experience?

As Equipment and Studio Manager you are responsible for the management of Play Sports Network’s audio visual and filmmaking equipment. This includes purchasing, maintenance, repair, inventory, transportation, storage, and cleaning. You are responsible for the management and  organisation of equipment for all PSN staff for shoots on location and in the studio. An efficient equipment and booking system will need to be installed to ensure all staff use and return PSN’s equipment within our guidelines. 

Equipment and Studio Managers may be called upon to install, operate, maintain or troubleshoot technical equipment. They may also have to schedule repairs of equipment. Therefore, technical experience will be needed.

Scheduling is an important part of the  Equipment and Studio Manager’s job. The studio is in house to provide time, space and equipment for client and in house use. The Studio Manager must decide on the best use of each day’s time as well as the studio’s space and equipment to maximise the profit and productivity of the studio. Due to schedules, there may be occasional weekends or shifts outside of standard working hours.


  • Total oversight of facility studios, both scheduling and general maintenance
  • Total oversight of PSN’s Video equipment, including the booking and scheduling of equipment
  • Assessment of PSN production needs and project detail to determine the proper camera, lenses, lighting and audio equipment needed.
  • Prep and pack all gear for each project; on site and off site
  • Repair and maintenance of PSN camera equipment
  • Work with various departments within the company to maintain functionality of equipment; coordinate with outside vendors if equipment needs repairing
  • Coordinate equipment routine service, software/firmware updates, and recalls
  • Maintain inventory control; manage the equipment schedule using internal scheduling software
  • Serve as vendor liaison for purchases and rentals
  • Provide general technical support across the business
  • Deal with suppliers to determine the most suitable equipment for production needs
  • Ensure all Play Sports Network audio and video equipment is used according to instructions.


  • Minimum 3 years experience in studio and/or field production operations
  • Hands-on experience with production equipment
  • Working knowledge of broadcast cameras, field cameras, lenses, audio, wireless communications, lighting and grip, media file specifications, recording formats and file delivery and management.
  • Ability to interact with creatives, recognise creative visions, and communicate solutions effectively
  • Ability to determine technical needs for various production scenarios on various platforms
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • You must be a self-starter, proactive, quick-thinking, and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Strong communication skills
  • High level working knowledge of video standards and codecs

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