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Cycling Filmmaker

 Do you have 3-5 years industry filmmaking experience, making documentaries, a solid showreel and an interest in cycling?

As a Cycling  filmmaker, you will be contributing to the filming and editing of Play Sports Network  Premium video output. This often involves working on location, both in the UK and abroad. You must have excellent base of creative filmmaking skills and your work should be an inspirational example to the creative video team.

You will be responsible for delivering the creative vision set out by the Producer and Creative Film Director, as well as the development of content across premium groups and channels (Road, Triathlon or Off Road). You’ll work closely with the Creative Film Director in your group, lead and direct shoots to deliver the story narrative and structure. You will also be responsible for assisting with the editorial strategy and commercial plans.

On location, Cycling Filmmakers work independently or with a presenter as part of a small team. On a large project, you may work with a Sound Effects Editor, Music Editor and Assistant Editors. The role is often fast paced and will require you to work to deadlines; an exciting and energetic environment to work in.

You will assist the development of the creative team in your group to increase both technical and creative ability to constantly evolve PSN’s content. You will assist Series Producers, Production Managers and Research Coordinators to interpret and realise the creative vision and lead the filmmaking creative team to deliver.


  • Responsible for the creative output of premium content and supporting online groups.
  • Support  the Creative Director and Senior Filmmakers in the group
  • Work with the filmmaking team, ensuring that the vision for the content is communicated and understood and that the editorial specification is realised
  • Take the film from the development stage to the finished product
  • Execute and deliver the story structure and narrative of the film
  • Instil the right work ethic in the Filmmakers
  • Mentor and feedback on creative to other Filmmakers in your team
  • Direct presenters where appropriate and necessary
  • Ensure permission and rights for any licensed material used (music, images etc)
  • Ensure that other Filmmakers understand the process for correctly using licensed material in content (music, images etc)
  • Support  the PSN equipment manager who is responsible for the camera equipment and kit for the group
  • Support the Film Creative Director to decide on who from the creator team works on which content


  • Experienced in location and studio filming
  • Adept at shooting video, operating lights and audio equipment
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency with video editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or similar
  • Able to effectively tell a story
  • Able to prioritise projects and complete them with efficiency and accuracy
  • Able to learn quickly and adapt to changes in organisational priorities.
  • Ensure all Play Sports Network audio and video equipment is used according to instructions.
  • You must be able to demonstrate exemplary work ethic within your team and especially with other Filmmakers.
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills, a passion for working in a fast paced, dynamic environment and a desire to get the job done.
  • Working at the cutting edge of new technology you will be expected to grasp changes in technical innovation across multiple platforms and you’ll need to keep up to date with emerging industry trends


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