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Production Manager

As Production Manager you will be responsible for all the organisational aspects of production scheduling and budgeting across all PSN Premium, Commercial and editorial video, digital promotions and multimedia campaigns.

The Production Manager assists the PSN Producers and Directors of Content to interpret and realise a project’s creative vision, financially and logistically. You will prepare production schedules or script breakdowns to confirm that sufficient time has been allocated for all aspects of the production process, and to check the Producer’s budget and schedule.

The position will require work on location in the UK and overseas.

You will be required to manage the production of content for all Play Sports Network Premium content activity and assist with the online group of channels (currently Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN), Global Cycling Network (GCN), Global Triathlon Network (GTN) and any new channel launches).

The Production Manager is the key person in the production department and you will report directly to the PSN Producer and work closely with all other heads of department to ensure that productions run smoothly, meet deadlines, and stay within budgets. Throughout shooting, you will monitor schedules and budgets, and prepare daily report sheets for Producers, detailing all aspects of each day’s shoot.

During pre-production and shooting, the Production Manager will deal with any unexpected circumstances and prepare workable alternative plans. You will oversee all aspects of the day-to-day running of shoots including call sheets, contract preparation, all Health and Safety requirements and work closely with members of all other production departments, presenters and other contributors.

On productions the Production Manager will oversee the preparation of daily call sheets for presenters and crew members. You must ensure that all cast and crew members’ conditions of work are in compliance with the relevant local agreements and regulations.


  • Working with the producer and senior production staff
  • Drawing up a production schedule and budget
  • Negotiating costs with suppliers
  • Hiring crew and contractors
  • Approving bookings of resources, locations, equipment and supplies
  • Arranging permissions and risk assessments
  • Managing a production office team including Production co-ordinators
  • During filming, your day-to-day duties could include:
    • Making sure the production runs to schedule
    • Controlling and monitoring production spending
    • Reporting on progress to the producers
    • Dealing with any problems during filming
    • Making any necessary changes to the schedule or budget, like rescheduling filming in bad weather


  • Understand the technical processes involved in video production, including camera, lighting, sound and editing
  • Know how to ensure that all necessary licences and clearances have been obtained for a production
  • Have highly developed communication skills
  • Have strong problem-solving skills
  • Be able to work effectively, and with diplomacy and sensitivity, with all members of the production team, with presenters, other contributors, and members of the public
  • Have advanced analytical skills
  • Have strong budgeting and financial skills
  • Pay precise attention to detail and have a methodical approach to work
  • Have excellent organisational skills
  • Be able to conceptualise ideas
  • Have strong IT skills, and knowledge of the relevant computer packages
  • Understand how to comply with regulations relating to liability and indemnity when shooting at different locations
  • Have up-to-date working knowledge of relevant UK union and/or broadcaster regulations and agreements, e.g. Pact/Equity, Pact/Musicians Union, Pact/BECTU
  • Have up-to-date knowledge of the legal requirements regarding working hours and the duty of care towards personnel
  • Know how to access information about, and comply with, corresponding regulations and agreements in other countries
  • Possess current knowledge of relevant legislation, regulations, and associated procedures, including copyright, data protection, public liability, etc. and how to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Have knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedure.
  • Able to learn quickly and adapt to changes in organisational priorities.

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