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Video Creators – Germany

Als Video Creator wirst du deutschsprachige Videoinhalte für PSN filmen und schneiden.

Mit Sitz in Deutschland (im Frankfurter Raum – wir sind bezüglich des Ortes flexibel) ist  diese Rolle häufig mit der Möglichkeit verbunden, vor Ort in Deutschland, Großbritannien und im Ausland zu arbeiten. Deutsch sollte deine Muttersprache sein, oder du solltest zumindest in der Lage sein fließend Deutsch zu sprechen. Du kannst zudem gut Englisch reden und sprechen. Kreatives Filmemachen sollte deine Leidenschaft sein. Vorzugsweise besitzt du schon eine solide Basis an Erfahrung, entweder für ein Studio oder als Freiberufler. Wir sind aber natürlich auch auf der Suche nach neuem Talent in der Branche und bereit die geeignete Person auszubilden.

Als Video Creator strebst du danach die besten Fahrrad/MTB/Triathlon Videos fürs Internet zu kreieren. Von Tag zu Tag, wirst du dafür verantwortlich sein Roh Material in ein Endprodukt zu verwandeln, welches für die Ausstrahlung geeignet ist. Das Material kann Filmaufnahmen, Bilder, Dialoge, Soundeffekte, Graphiken und Spezialeffekte enthalten. Du wirst eine Schlüsselrolle in der Post-Produktion spielen und deine Fähigkeiten können für die Qualität und Lieferung des Endproduktes, ausschlaggebend sein. Du wirst üblicherweise eng mit den Moderatoren zusammenarbeiten, um das bestmögliche Endresultat zu erzielen. Du wirst möglicherweise gefragt als Filmemacher für Deutschsprachige Videos für andere Play Sports Network- Kanäle zu arbeiten. Ein tiefes Verständnis – und Leidenschaft – fürs Radfahren oder Mountain Biking sind von Vorteil!

As Video Creator you will film and edit PSN’s German-language video output.

Based in Germany (around the Frankfurt area – we are relatively flexible on location), this role often involves the opportunity to work on location, in Germany, the UK and abroad. You will need to be a native German speaker or able to speak German fluently and idiomatically. You’ll also need to speak and write English to a good level.

You must have a passion for creative filmmaking and preferably have a solid base of experience behind you, either working for a studio or as a freelancer. We are of course on the lookout for fresh talent in the industry, so we are willing to train and work with the right person.

As a video creator you are aiming to make the best cycling/mtb/triathlon video content on the internet. Day to day, you will be responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for broadcasting. The material may include camera footage, images, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. This is a key role in the post-production process and your skills can determine the quality and delivery of the final product. You’ll usually work closely with a presenter to achieve the desired end result.

You may be required to work as Creator for German-language videos on any Play Sports Network channels. A deep knowledge of – and a passion for – cycling or mountain biking would be a huge plus.


Your tasks as Creator will involve:

  • Videography, video editor and on location sound recording;
  • The ability to translate your vision, typically into a 3- to 5-minute video; or longer depending on the project brief;
  • Communicate your ideas effectively to on-screen talent and fellow creators;
  • Receiving a brief or an outline of footage and/or a shot list, script;
  • Assembling all raw footage, with camera shots recorded in preparation for inputting into the computer;
  • Inputting uncut rushes and sound, and synchronising and storing them into files on the computer;
  • Digitally cutting the files to put together the sequence of the film and deciding what is usable;
  • Creating a ‘rough cut’ (or assembly edit) of the programme/film and determining the exact cutting for the next and final stages;
  • Reordering and tweaking the content to ensure the logical sequencing and smooth running of the film/video
  • Ensure all Play Sports Network audio and video equipment is used according to instructions.

Additional tasks may include:

  • Publishing and Trafficking uploaded videos to the channel, by following the checklist and guidance notes documents;
  • Social media updates to promote the uploaded content;
  • Overseeing the quality and progress of audio and video editing; experimenting with styles and techniques including the design of graphic elements:
  • Writing voiceover and/or commentary;
  • Suggesting or selecting music;
  • You may also carry out online editing duties which involve finalising technical aspects such as correcting faulty footage, grading and colouring, and adding special effects.

What to expect

Video creators work independently or with a presenter as part of a small team. On a large project you may work with a motion graphics designer, sound effects editor, music editor and assistant editors. The role may be pressured, for example, when working intensively to strict deadlines with limited studio time.



  • Native German speaker or able to speak and write German fluently and idiomatically
  • A good level of spoken and written English
  • Comfortable shooting video, and operating lights and audio equipment
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency with video editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or similar
  • Experienced in location and studio filming
  • Able to prioritise projects and complete them with efficiency and accuracy
  • Able to learn quickly and adapt to changes in organisational priorities.


To apply

Please complete the application form here.